Who Are We?

Established in Singapore in 1972, Yong Hup Heng (YHH) started off as a food distributor to the wet market, and progressed to a ship supplier in the 1980s. Today, we play triple roles as a procurer, consolidator and distributor, making an ideal supplier for clients looking for an all-in-one provider of all kinds of products, including fresh produce and perishable foods.

The hub for goodness, YHH gets to the destination products of the best quality, speedily and accurately. Our long-standing rapport with our international network of suppliers makes it possible for us to expand beyond Singapore, to markets as far as East Timor and Vietnam.

At Yong Hup Heng, what keeps us going strong after 40 years is our burning passion to bring the world’s best products to the region, to be enjoyed in every town and city.